La Nouvelle Athènes offers training in the interpretation of the romantic repertoire on period instruments to professional musicians, students and amateurs. These courses are conducted in person.

They aim to provide keys to the interpretation of the Romantic repertoire and to offer practice time on Romantic period pianos in perfect playing condition.

A pre-registration with your cv, letter of motivation, mp3 extract is done online. It will be validated by the teachers and artists.

Rates are detailed by workshop and include lunch during the training.

Payment is made by interbank transfer after validation by the participants.

Evaluation methods in the case of training leading to certification
La Nouvelle Athènes evaluates the trainees on the basis of the teachers' assessment. To do so, it can use MCQs as well as the time of the workshop (class and concert of the participants) in order to control the good acquisition of the skills by the participant.

The evaluation takes place before the training (starting level) and at the end (level of knowledge acquired after the training)


Methods used
These are interpretation courses supplemented by lectures, with a concern to present the original sources (editions, 19th century recordings...)


Accessibility for people with disabilities
If you think you have a disability, please contact our disability advisor (Brély Sylvie) as soon as possible to assess your needs and see what solutions are available to support you, train you or guide you.
The training location does not have PRM access.

Declaration of training activity registered under number 11756030175 with the Prefect of the Ile-de-France region

Quantitative indicators of the attractiveness of our workshops (Criterion 1, indicator 2)
Number of participants : 150 participants
2019 : 4 masterclasses : 24 participants
2020 : 5 ateliers 2 à 3 jours : 33 participants
2021 : 5 ateliers 4j 2 masterclasses : 70 participants
2022 : 2 ateliers 4j : 23 participants

Percentage of participants returning to new workshops: 50/150 33
2019 : 4/24 16%
2020 : 9/33 27%
2021 : 27/70 38%
2022 : 10/23 43%

Satisfaction survey

Obtaining certifications registered in the RNCP (Criterion 1, indicator 3)
La Nouvelle Athènes does not yet have any certifying courses