Romantic Cello with 4 artists from La Nouvelle Athènes : Fernando Caida Greco, Aldo Mata, Octavie Dostaler-Lalonde & Artem Belogurov

About the event

The rise of the cello accompanied the rise of the romantic piano throughout the 19th century. Fashionable opera arias, romances, and popular melodies were arranged for the instrument and allowed for the exploration of new techniques and styles. Much of the standard cello repertoire we know and cherish today comes from the 19th century. 

This Zoom meeting is one of our responses to the health crisis that forced us to cancel our concerts last June. La Nouvelle Athènes has launched in a first bet to produce several videos to allow the artists to present their research. 

This meeting will give you the opportunity to become familiar with the different playing styles of extraordinary cellists and to hear them talk about their approaches to the romantic repertoire: 

Fernando Caida-Greco will present Auguste Franchomme, cellist and friend of Chopin and discuss the importance of vocality in his music, Aldo Mata will present the Central European school centered around David Popper (friend of Liszt and Brahms) and Adrien Servais of the Franco-Belgian school, who was associated with Liszt and incorporated Paganinian virtuosity into his playing, Octavie Dostaler-Lalonde & Artem Belogurov will present the music of Saint-Saëns, aspects of his own playing style and those of his partners such as cellist Joseph Hollman and violinist Gabriel Willaume.

Our second bet is to get out of the free music of social medias (YouTube, Vimeo...) which is an economic dead end for the whole cultural ecosystem, to create an audience willing to pay for the rental of these filmed sessions and thus contribute to their financing. 

Want to know more about the artists? Extend the experience of the meetingsand listen to the artists' videos on our platform 

Price : 9,99€