Romantique ou Moderne ?

On Line Symposium October 23rd and 24th: Casals romantic or modern

Organisé par La Nouvelle Athènes, en collaboration avec la Haute-Ecole des Arts de Berne (HKB) et la Bibliothèque La Grange-Fleuret

The Online Symposium took place on october 23rd and 24th. 

Monday October 23 – ONLINE Casals 50

14h45 Welcome & Overview of the Symposium

15h Job ter Haar (Hochschule der Künste Bern & Codarts Rotterdam) “Eliminating Noise: The Role of Modernist Aesthetics in Cello Technique”

15h30 Pablo Tejedor (Royal College of Music, London) “The cello in Spain before Casals: a social history of the instrument between 18th and 19th centuries”

16h Javier López Escalona (Independent researcher, San Roque) “The Belgian school influence on Casals”

16h30 Pepe Reche (Independent researcher, Barcelona) “L’Orquestra Pau Casals: un instrument per a la música contemporània”

17h Fernando Caída-Greco (Conservatorio U. Giordano, Foggia) & Edoardo Torbianelli (Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, Hochschule der Künste Bern) “Pau Casals: from the Romantic tradition to the influence on current cellists”

17h30 Anna Costal i Fornells & Albert Fontelles Ramonet (Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya, Barcelona) “Sardana for Cellos by Pau Casals: Composition, Premiere and International Repercussion”

Catalan & Spanish Musicians

18h30 Carmen Romero Valencia (Universidad Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio, Madrid & Universidad Complutense de Madrid) “Decoding Manuel de Falla’s pianism through his Welte-Mignon piano rolls of 1912”

19h30 Antonio Narejos (Office of Education of Spain to OECD, UNESCO & Council of Europe, Paris)“Intimacy and Poetry in the Piano Music of Falla and Granados. Following the Footsteps of Chopin” 20h Małgorzata Kubala (Centro Superior de Música Katarina Gurska, Madrid) “Enrique Granados. Problems of performance and interpretation of his vocal music”

20h30 Claudia Dafne Sevilla Carrión (Conservatorio Superior de Música de Alicante & Conservatorio Profesional de Música “Torrejón y Velasco” de Albacete) “Federico Mompou y su obra en torno a la música de violonchelo”

TUESDAY October 24th – Online

Early Recordings and Historical Performance Practice

17h Mark Bailey (Yale Collection of Historical Sound Recordings) “A Landscape of Romantic-Era Cellists on Historical Sound Recordings”

17h30 Mark Ainley (www.thepianofiles.com, Vancouver) “Alfred Cortot: A Rich Recorded Legacy”

18h Chris Terepin (King’s College London) “Recordings by Casals’ contemporaries the Czech (Bohemian) Quartet”

18h30 Ana Llorens (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) “Systematizing performance style: Computational analysis and hierarchical clusterings in Pau Casals’ recording of Bach cello suites”

19h Isabel Pérez Dobarro (New York University, London Performing Academy of Music in London & Centro Superior de Música Katarina Gurska, Madrid) “The impact of the García family in the field of opera”


20h Hilary Metzger (Pôle Aliénor, Poitiers) “Reconciling Written Performance Instructions with the playing on Early Recordings: a literary analysis of the works of Carl Flesch”

20h30 Edoardo Torbianelli (Schola Cantorum Basiliensis & Hochschule der Künste Bern) “Changes in piano & string playing at the beginning of the 20th century – Josef Hofmann & Carl Flesch”

21h Small Surprise! Unpublished videos of Pau Casals, conducting, performing, and teaching (courtesy of Fundaciò Pau Casals)

21h30 Helga Váradi (Rudolf von Tobel Studienstiftung www.rudolfvontobel.ch, Bern) « Le maître centenaire – the story of a dedicated friendship of Rudolf von Tobel and Pau Casals »

22h Final Round Table… with a glass (or two!) of Penedés wine (or whatever you like!)